Your Old Houses and Commercial Buildings May Have Outdated Electrical Connections.

Your Old Houses and Commercial Buildings May Have Outdated Electrical Connections.

Our electricians have performed excellent work on numerous commercial projects.

Our company will keep you and your property safe from electrical-related accidents. How old is your house? When was it built? If it’s more than 25 years old you may need to have the connections inspected? It might that the wires don’t conform to the standard specifications anymore. There’s a chance the wires may become overloaded because of this and create problems for you.commercial electricians san antonio

Another issue is the integrity of the wires. Some parts may not have insulation anymore. Rats, ants, and other insects love to gnaw on them, exposing the live wire. Constant contact with wood may ignite a fire and may burn the house down.

The fuse boxes may require upgrading, the old lighting fixtures and bulbs included. You might think it’ll take a lot of time for us to do it and it may also cost you a lot if you want the job done. If you’re interested, we can evaluate your home or commercial building first and determine the true picture of your entire electrical circuit. It’s for free a special part of our community service. We will submit to you our written report with the cost of repairs.

In the report, we’ll emphasize what repairs have to be done right away. If we see that the wires are too small to accommodate the present current supply, we would suggest a total rewiring of your place. You may have noticed unusual power fluctuations occurring once in a while. This should not be the case at all. Later on, the situation may develop into a more serious condition. The danger, in this case, is real.

If your place doesn’t need total rewiring, we might find other defects that need repair. We’ll begin with the part that requires our attention right away. We’ll continue the repair process until we have covered everything and have finished the job completely. Old houses or buildings are fire traps. You can’t take your electrical circuit for granted.

Our electricians are licensed and highly trained. They have long years of working experience and have done all kinds of electrical jobs with perfect results. Giving your old homes and buildings the right electrical connection and keeping you safe is our number one aim.

We can assure you that our electricians are honest and friendly. You won’t have second thoughts on letting them in your homes. You may call us and ask the name of the electrician we’re sending over to your place and when he or she arrives, you can take a look at his or her ID card. You can let us know if he or she’s in your place already and we will confirm his or her identity to you. They are also cleared by the police and have no prior criminal or arrest records.industrial liighting

The procedure we just told you is our SOP. We can’t be too careful these days. However, in most cases, our electricians are allowed to enter the premises without checking. They don’t tarry too long but go directly into doing their job. When they’re finished, they leave immediately after clearing the area.

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