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Pest Control – Termites and Other Insects

Non-repellent insect growth regulators (IGR) and termite bait systems are increasingly popular, not to mention effective. Many termite control experts believe that IGR termite bait systems are better than barrier treatments—in certain situations.

Part I. Seducing Termites: Origins of Termite Baiting Technology

Over the past decade and a half, termite eradication experts have wracked their brains to provide least toxic termite infestation solutions. With the help of exterminators and building inspection services, scientists have developed several models of very effective least toxic termite bait technology systems. Now, termite eradication is almost as simple as mowing the lawn, changing the window screens, or any of the other various home maintenance projects a homeowner must tend to.

Termite control

The technology behind termite bait control, however, is not as simple as it seems ; the development of effective termite bait systems requires years of testing in four very different climates and soil types before acquiring approval from the FDA and EPA. For example, one termite bait system must remain viable for at least five years in all four of the USDA testing sites to ensure it is effective in multiple soil types:

Arid, desert soil; termite bait systems are tested in Arizona to assure efficiency
Wetlands; tested in Florida and Mississippi
Coastal soils; tested in South Carolina
Part II. Chemicals of Desire: How termite bait systems work

Termites travel underground looking for sources of cellulose to feed on. Termite bait systems take advantage of the opportunistic mentality—so to speak—of termites. Termite exterminators will place termite bait systems roughly 18 inches from the foundation of your home (and, depending on the size of your property, throughout your yard at regular intervals) spaced, on average, at 10 to 15 foot intervals from one another.

As termites forage for food near your home, they find the bait systems instead. Termite bait systems are not only non-repellent; the best of them are attractants which actually draw termites in the local area to them.
Termites do not travel in packs on their search for food, but independently. As one finds food, more will follow . As termites begin feeding on the baits, your termite eradication expert will open the baiting systems and see their activity. The exterminator will then add the fipronil toxin (or whatever active ingredient your termite bait system uses) to the bait.termite controll - extermination
Fipronil is a slow acting toxin that will spread throughout an entire population before death occurs. While many termite control techniques result in high casualty rates among termite populations that may push the termite infestation away, termite bait stations will kill the entire colony.
Termite barrier treatments can often fail , and are reliant on the stability and density of the soil type remaining fairly constant. On the other hand, termite bait treatments function fully no matter what soil conditions are present.
The active ingredients in termite bait systems vary depending on brand, but all have been proven effective in the four testing environments, averaging between five to ten years’ viability.

Fipronil, Chlorfenapyr, and Imidacloprid
One of the most popular active ingredients in termite bait technologies, fipronil exceeds all government requirements:

Fipronil will last for a solid ten years in most situations, while
Chlorfenapyr only lasts from four to six years, and
Imidacloprid averages an eight year viability rate, although in Arizona it is the most effective, remaining viable two years longer than fipronil, and matching fipronil at ten years in South Carolina.
Clearly, unless you reside in Arizona, fipronil is the most effective termite bait for long-term use.

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Pioneers Look To End Skid At Mars Hill

Well, my record is really struggling this year. The Pioneers are a much improved team, but they’ve forgotten how to play for 60-minutes. Don’t blame the coaching staff, they’ve put all they’ve got into preparing the team, The Team needs to take care of the ball. Last year the Pioneers were among the nation’s leaders in turnover margin……they’re not this year!

The Pioneers went into the Presbyterian game with a +2, they finished a -3……NOT GOOD. If the Pioneers don’t give up two fumbles on their own 15, on back-to-back series, and they don’t allow a kickoff return for a touchdown, they play the conference’s number two team to the wire, but they didn’t and the only finger you can point to is how the other team has capitalized on the PIoneers mistakes………because that’s all it has been this year, MENTAL MISTAKES. Currently the Pioneers are riding a four game losing skid and will face a team that put 51 points on the board last week against Newberry (and remember, Newberry beat Gardner-Webb 34-31….go figure!) Mars Hill. Yeah, Mars Hill! I’m not sure I’ll even know what to talk about during the game…..Mars Hill runs a backyard-style offense. Basically, just get the ball to the end zone type approach. You can’t put a lable to it so they call it the Wishbone, call what you want, I’ll call it Yard-Ball! Apparently it’s working though, they’re 2-1 in the conference and 3-2 overall, and this is a team that had to come from behind to beat the Pioneers last year.

This years game has been dubbed ” The Rock “, a new rivalry added to the conference and a game that will be played at the end of the year from now on. These two schools will be meeting for the 16th time, but the first time as conference foes. The Pioneers own a 7-6-2 record against the Lions, but Mars Hill has won five straight dating back to 1936. (In ’37 and ’38 the teams tied 0-0 and 6-6, they probably ran the wishbone back then too.) This whole “Rock” thing was started by Dom Donnelly (TC’s SID) and the Greeneville Sun’s, Joe Byrd. Good idea, but read what you want to how it truly originated, the fact is Donnelly and Byrd snuck over to Mars Hill and threw rocks through windows while yelling “The Spirit of David Crockett Lives and He IS A True Pioneer, and We’ve Got Your Former Athletic Director” I’m not sure the true Pioneer – David Crockett would approve and I know Tusculum College is not that old, as a matter of fact I’m sure Crockett was not the studying type! I do know that Ed Hoffmeyer’s a pretty decent AD, but in retrospect, they stole our President… it even. So, I’m not sure what Dom and Joe were doing, but they created a rivalry out of it and Mars Hill gathered the rocks and then bronzed them and now call the game …… the battle for “The Rock!”

All kidding aside, it will take more than rocks for the Pioneers to win their first conference game against Mars Hill, on the road, and during Their Homecoming! But, for all of those with questions in your mind and despite my 1-4 record this year (which, by the way is the same record as the Pioneers) Tusculum will PREVAIL. It will take a near perfect game, but that’s what they’ll get. Andy Smith takes over and a much needed running game matures even more as J’Dron London and Raymond Raines all gain over 100 yards on the ground, as the PIoneers start quick and end strong. They’ll put the game out of reach after the first half, stymying any comeback for the Lions…….49-24.

Don’t take my word for it, either listen right here on the Web Page, or tune to 1450 AM. Our pregame coverage starts at 1:45, with kickoff from Meares Field at 2:30. By the way, HEY THRILL, any chance West Va. Wesleyan has an open date next year?……..just a thought, you know we could conjure up some kind of rivalry there, like “The Battle Of The Little Debbies!”

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Tusculum Football To Start A New Tradition With Mars Hill

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. — Though this week’s game will be the 16th meeting ever between Tusculum College and Mars Hill College on the gridiron, this year’s game will mean more than just another battle of the Mountain Border War. Saturday’s contest will be the first time the Pioneers and the Lions will be playing against each other as South Atlantic Conference brethren.

As in many classic rivalries, more than just bragging rights will be at stake. To the winner of this week’s game and future gridiron meetings goes “The Rock.” At the conference football meetings in July, Tusculum sports information director Dom Donnelly and Mars Hill SID Rick Baker came up with the idea after a discussion with sports writer Joe Byrd at the Greeneville Sun to create a traveling trophy concept between the two schools.

Donnelly and Baker met at the North Carolina-Tennessee state line and selected the 10-pound piece of granite from the mountain-side along the border. There is still debate between the two SID’s upon which side “The Rock” originated.

The trophy will be awarded to the winner of this week’s South Atlantic Conference game at Meares Stadium in Mars Hill, N.C. for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff. Beginning next year, TC and Mars Hill are scheduled to meet in the final regular season contest for each school.

“The Rock” rivalry joins other heated games in South Atlantic Conference lore. One of the most noteworthy is the “Bronze Derby”, played for annually by Presbyterian College and Newberry College. Newberry also plays annually for the Bishop’s Trophy against Lenoir-Rhyne College.

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