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While no one ever wants to live through an emergency in their home where they may have to deal with burglary, property damage, or the loss of a loved one, it’s important to be prepared. You likely have a number of important items that need to be kept on hand that you will need to access quickly. It’s important to store them in a fireproof safe in your home to ensure that they are kept secure.
It may make sense to keep your most important possessions in a safety deposit box at the bank, but this is not necessarily the best choice. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that you will only be able to gain access to your box during the bank’s operating hours, preventing you from obtaining your possessions in an emergency.commercial - residential locksmith
This among many other reasons strengthens the argument of keeping certain items in your home in a quality safe.
Top Six Items To Keep In A Safe In Your Home
The following are several items that we recommend always storing in a fireproof safe.
1. Insurance Policies
You’ll want to make sure that property and life insurance policies are easily accessible in case you ever need to file a claim. Make sure that you also have your agent’s contact information within the box as well as saved on your phone. Your car insurance information should be stored in your vehicle’s glove box with an additional copy in the home safe.
2. Emergency Funds
Have some cash on hand that you can access quickly if you ever need it. To help protect paper money from water damage, seal it in two Ziploc plastic bags.
3. Safe Deposit Box Keys
Rather than carry a safe deposit key on your key ring, which may be lost or stolen, place it inside your safe in the home.
4. Prescription Medications
Buy a pill dispenser so that you can carry a week’s worth of daily prescription pills (make sure to regularly refill each week) as well as any over-the-counter headache, heartburn, etc. medicines. Place the bottles of your medications into the safe and keep them under lock and key for security in an emergency, but also for everyday security to keep family members safe.
You won’t have to worry about your children ingesting your medications, either accidentally or on purpose if they are always locked up. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of your medications, the dosages and the doctors who prescribed them if you ever lose a prescription.
5. Copies Of Your Important Documents
Store copies of your retirement and important bank papers, social security cards, will power of attorney, or living will for yourself and anyone who has designated you as their health care surrogate or attorney-in-fact. You will also want to keep a copy of a will for anyone who has designated you as the executor.
Another important reason to keep a will and other essential papers in a fireproof safe at home instead of a bank’s safety deposit box is that once the person who owns the safety deposit box has passed, the box will be sealed until court papers can be produced allowing the bank to open the box.
6. Valuables
Your safe is a good place to store items like coins, family heirlooms, jewelry, etc. that you wish to keep extra secure in your home.

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